Hypnosis is a natural state of mind of heightened awareness and deep relaxation. As a hypnotist in South Denver, Angie Egan utilizes the powerful tool of self-hypnosis to guide individuals toward their chosen goal. She guides clients into a relaxed, focused state of mind and uses client-chosen suggestions to make lasting changes in their lives. 

The most common client goals of those seeking a hypnotist in Denver include improving health, reducing stress, achieving weight loss, breaking bad habits, and alleviating fears. Angie customizes client hypnotherapy sessions to the client’s specific goals, and frequently addresses more than one concern or goal within a session. 

Stress Relief

Hypnosis reduces stress* by re-training the brain's hormonal changes and physiological responses, commonly referred to as the “fight or flight” reaction, to stress. This stress response system evolved as a survival mechanism, enabling humans to react quickly to life-threatening situations. Though we no longer need to worry about survival on a daily basis, our mind and body still react with the same response to non life-threatening stressors. These stressors such as traffic jams, personal conflicts, work difficulties, and relationship issues can happen many times throughout the day. 

Hypnosis reduces the frequency of our antiquated reactions to stress and replaces them with a more appropriate response system. This powerful tool re-conditions the brain away from “fight or flight” and towards more productive, calm, measured, and thoughtful reactions to stress. 

Weight Loss

Gaining control over your weight isn't about will power or understanding health consequences. Rather, it’s about reprogramming your response to subconscious messaging. By utilizing the power of hypnosis, you develop the ability to retrain your brain to think independently, resisting societal messaging, and pressure that leads to over-eating.*

Tobacco Cessation

Freeing yourself from addiction to tobacco is about altering a very ingrained subconscious behavior. Hypnosis unlocks that space in your mind that will allow you see the behavior’s source. During hypnotherapy we change the subconscious patterns through suggestions, alleviating the addiction. Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful tools out there to quit smoking.*

Hypnosis for Children

Children are naturals with hypnosis, as they frequently flow in an out of imaginary play and daydreaming, making it easier for them to transition between conscious and unconscious states of mind. Hypnosis for children can be incredibly effective in combating anxiety as well as social and academic stress. It can also increase self esteem and build confidence.*

Certified Denver Hypnotist, Angie Egan has been accredited through the National Guild of Hypnotists and is a licensed Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado: NLC.0105228. Angie has hypnotized individuals and groups since 2008. Her warmth, relatability and skill in connecting with audiences large and small has afforded her the opportunity to lead corporate team trainings and speak at a number of special events, including for the Parker Chamber of Commerce.

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