Why Hypnosis?

Children are naturals with hypnosis, as they frequently flow in an out of imaginary play and day dreaming - both cornerstones to understanding how the mind can easily slip in and out of the subconscious and conscious states of mind. That is why hypnosis for children can be so effective in combatting anxiety, social and academic stress, and in building confidence. 

How Hypnosis for Children Can Help:

· Learning and Academic Difficulties

· Bed-Wetting

· Self Esteem

· Fear of the Dark

· Dealing with a Traumatic Event

· Frequent Nightmares

· Social Anxiety

· Thumb Sucking

Most children will see a dramatic improvement over presenting issue immediately, however, it is recommended that a minimum of three sessions are completed to ensure the maximum success. 

It's important to properly prepare your child for their hypnotherapy session so they don't have any fears or misconceptions: they will not lose control, reveal secrets or get "brain washed" during their sessions. They are in total control the entire time, and I take direction from them about what they would like to work on during their session. 

No matter what your child is seeking help for, it is imperative that the parent or guardian can commit to hypnotic support at home to maximize the success of hypnosis for children. Sessions for children under the age of 12 require nightly parental hypnotic follow-up (Roughly 10 minutes each night.) Children over the age of 12 (or as determined by the Hypnotist) will perform their own nightly hypnotic follow-up exercises.

An outline of an Initial Hypnosis for Children Session (75-90 min):

5-10 min - Complete & Go over paperwork with Hypnotist

10 min - Discussion of goals for child (child encouraged to participate with parent in the room)

10 min - Explanation of hypnosis

10 min - Hypnosis demonstration (parent encouraged to participate)

5 min - Questions/Clarification

25-30 min - Hypnosis with youth

5 min - Questions from youth

10 min - Parental follow-up & instructions

How Hypnosis for Children Can Help:

  • Build Self-Confidence
  • Improve Athletic Abilities
  • Increase Focus
  • Strengthen Study Habits
  • Eliminate Tantrums
  • Conquer Fears
  • Make Better Food Choices
  • Stop Bed Wetting/Nail Biting/Hair Pulling or Skin Picking

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