TeenBoost: A Path To Real Happiness for Teens*

Teen Boost Helps Families Find Harmony

TeenBoost is a Premier Program for teenagers 12 and over to help them access and use their Natural abilities and Mindfulness Practices to embrace their full potential and live happy lives.

Teens Today are Stressed… more than any time in history.

Social Media Posts, Texting, Direct Messages… Teens today are more connected -  but more stressed, and lonelier - than any other generation!! Research tells us that the teen years are a critical time period for the development of confidence and resilience, but the only way a teen can do that is by unplugging and allowing their brains to work in a more natural way. 

With the new technological culture we live in parents are limited in their support options - but with TeenBoost you’ll discover how to access your natural abilities through Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Practices. Very specific tools to allow teens to build themselves up from the inside - creating a more confident, resilient and happy self.

The Program

Over the course of eight weeks, your teen will meet with Angie Egan, a Certified NGH Hypnotist and Personal Development Coach, to cover a series of topics that have been identified as the most common stressors among teens. During each one-hour session, your teen will engage in discussion that will give Angie insight on their specific problems and concerns. Your teen will learn proven mindfulness and hypnosis techniques that rewire their thinking to be more confident, resilient and happy so they can connect meaningfully with your family and the world around them. Included in the program is a workbook that will be used throughout the program as well as MP3 audio recordings for reinforcement.

We Will Cover:

  • Developing Self Confidence
  • Effective Problem Solving
  • Navigating Friendships
  • Mindfulness Practices for Everyday Life
  • Making the Most of Your Education
  • Practical Steps Towards Confidence-Building
  • Creating Healthy Habits
  • Building Respect for Self

At the end of our time together, teenagers will know how to use proven and effective hypnotherapy and mindfulness tools they can use so they can easily overcome the challenges of growing up and live a happy life.

Your Teen’s First Step

Call Angie, or email today to learn more about this one-of-a-kind program, and to get your teen started: 303-550-4110 

Call To Book TeenBoost

If your teen is ready to get started with TeenBoost, please click the button below to set up a booking call with Angie.  During the call, Angie will learn more about your teen, explain in more detail the specifics of the program and schedule the first session of the program.  

Some common reasons to get started with TeenBoost:

  • Poor self image
  • Social Media/Technology Addiction
  • Gaming addiction
  • Subpar Study Habits
  • Lacking Athletic Confidence
  • Bad Eating Habits
  • Inadequate Sleep