Programs Offered

Essential program

denver hypnosis clinic

4, One Hour Sessions

Self Hypnosis Training

Custom Written Affirmations

Self-Guided Reinforcement Practices

2 Hypnosis Audio Downloads

Classic Program

denver hypnosis clinic

8, One Hour Sessions

Self Hypnosis Training

Custom Written Affirmations

Self-Guided Reinforcement Practices

3 Hypnosis Audio Downloads

Peak Program

denver hypnosis clinic

12, One Hour Sessions

Self Hypnosis Training

Custom Written Affirmations

Self-Guided Reinforcement Practices

4 Hypnosis Audio Downloads

1 One Hour Video Follow-up Session upon program completion

Tobacco Cessation

denver hypnosis clinic

2, One Hour Sessions

Self Hypnosis Training

Self-Guided Reinforcement Practices

1 Hypnosis Audio Download

Custom Program

denver hypnosis clinic

Not everyone is suited for the above mentioned programs. 

Please call to learn more about the custom programs that are available for you.


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How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind of heightened focus and deep relaxation. In your sessions, you will be guided into a hypnotic state and then given suggestions that will be delivered directly to your subconscious mind. Your hypnotherapy sessions enable you to change the desired behavior as well as learn the method of self-hypnosis.

Through sessions and at-home practice, you will create your new reality by removing thought patterns that kept you trapped, which will enable you to live a full, complete life.

Everything you need to know about self-hypnosis is taught in the office. And for my younger clients, parents are taught the hypnotic tools so they can reinforce them with their child at home.

Ready to Get Started?

Find out how hypnotherapy can you help you with*:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Lose Weight
  • Reduce Stress
  • Get Rid of Fears
  • Manage Physical Pain
  • Help Your Child
  • And so much more!​​​

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Angie is a warm, trustworthy hypnotherapist and life coach...

...that has helped transform my family's life. I have seen her for weight loss and self-acceptance and my son has benefited from her skills of gaining confidence in sports and learning how to mentally prepare himself for games in a more positive way. If you are looking to make a change in your life, do not hesitate to contact Angie. She is AMAZING!!"

"I know you took a risk doing the job you do...

...but you help people more because you give them tools to work with, and hep them to believe in themselves again like you have helped me. You make a huge difference in people's lives. I truly appreciate your support!!"

"Such a great experience. Thank you for taking the time... explain the process and help us to understand the science behind the method. We left feeling confident in the session and the go forward instructions. I'd recommend this type of therapy over and over again. Thank you!"

"I really appreciate [Angie's] honesty and integrity...

 ...[She] helped me feel comfortable prior to the session. Not an easy task for a PTSD patient."   

"Just got done [at my doctor's office] regarding my lungs...

...They're clear and no scar tissue. I don't have to worry about this anymore. Dr. was surprised they had cleared so well after all the years of smoking. I [didn't] just heal myself, I wipe[d] out all indication that it was ever there. Yeah for me!" 

"Angie has helped my son and wife...

...with her therapy and coaching to build their confidence. Very happy with her services."