Hypnotherapy Session Pricing: Your Investment

The time and money you spend in your hypnotherapy sessions are an investment in you. The self-hypnosis techniques you will learn are invaluable skills you will have your entire life. In addition to getting hypnotized for your specific issue, you will learn the very effective three-step process of how to continue your self-hypnosis exercises at home, including how to write your own affirmations (that really work!) 

Hypnotherapy is a unique modality, as life-long change is acquired in just a few sessions. While I do occasionally see clients for fine-tuning and/or follow up several months or years after their initial sessions, most clients I work accomplish their goals in those initial three to five sessions.

Just like learning any new skill, repetition is crucial. The more you practice, the more successful you will be in overcoming your issue. Therefore, I always advise a minimum of three sessions per client, no matter the presenting issue, to maximize success.

What you receive is priceless. Your sessions are always in the hands of a professionally trained hypnotherapist. Angie Egan has been hypnotizing groups and individuals for nearly 10 years, and is a Certified Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists. Angie is professionally licensed in the State of Colorado, and has extensive experience working with adults and children, as well as in the specific areas of pain management and addiction recovery.  


Hypnotherapy Session Pricing (Adults 16+)

Session 1 (60-90 min) - Session + Learn Self-hypnosis Step 1 ($145)

Session 2 (45-60 min) - Support Session + Learn self-hypnosis Step 2 ($120)

Session 3 (45-60 min) - Ongoing Support + Learn self-hypnosis Step 3 ($120)

Sessions 4 & 5 (45-60 min) - Optional/Ongoing support for presenting issue and/or other issues ($120)

Hypnotherapy Session Pricing (Youth 5+) 

Session 1 (60-90 min) - Session + Parental Instructional Script for at-home reinforcement ($145)

Session 2 (45-60 min) - Support Session + Parental Instruction ($120)

Sessions 3-5 (45-60 min) Ongoing/Optional Support + Parental Instruction ($120)

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